Main research interests

  • Physics of freely localized microwave discharge in wave beams.
  • Microwave plasma assisted chemical vapour deposition of mono and polycrystalline diamond films.
  • Development of high rate deposition of diamond films in high density plasma, created by microwave radiation in millimeter wave band.
  • Investigation of physical properties of CVD diamond.
  • Synthesis of semiconducting CVD diamond.
  • Development of solid-state electronic, acoustoelectronic and optical devices based on diamond films.
  • Laser cutting and mechanical processing (lapping and polishing) of diamond materials.
  • Development of active microwave pulse compressors with distributed plasma switches.
  • Investigation of conditions of multipactor discharge initiation and suppression on dielectric surfaces.
Microwave discharge in two crossed wave beams, frequency 40 GHz
Microwave discharge under combined mono- and polycrystalline diamond substrate in 2.45 GHz CVD reactor
Polycrystalline CVD diamond samples, polished (d=50 mm, h=1.5 mm) and unpolished (d=75 mm, h=0.5 mm)
Monocrystalline CVD diamond layer on HPHT diamond substrate