Social sphere

During 35 years of its history, the IAP RAS has been engaged in a broad social program for its employees.

The main elements of the social program of the Institute are as follows:

  • Improving living conditions. More than two hundreds of collaborators have got flats or improved their living conditions owing to the “share support” rendered by the Institute. In recent years, the Institute has taken part in the RAS program “Dwelling for young collaborators”, within the framework of which several tens of young scientists have improved their living conditions, in particular through individual housing certificates.
  • Care of public health, rendering individual pecuniary aid, granting loans in urgent cases, and payment of expensive medical service and medicine.
  • Organizing and conducting sport and tourist arrangements for the IAP RAS collaborators and their families, as well as organizing concerts, exhibitions, meetings, etc.
  • Support for young specialists and veterans. Every year, about 250 young collaborators take part in arrangements organized by the Administration, Trade Union Committee, and the Council of young scientists and specialists. The Institute supports more than 150 nonworking veterans of the Institute and organizes festivals and meetings for them.

The present day social sphere of the Institute includes

  • Branch of the Central Clinic Hospital of the RAS, in which over 15 qualified specialists examine the IAP RAS employees, members of their families, and collaborators of other academic institutions of the city. The IAP RAS dispensary directs the Institute people to be cured at the leading medical institutions of the city and Medical center of the RAS.
  • N. S. Talalushkin child's health and education camp in Green Town for 130 boys and girls. Annually, about 400 children have their vacation there. For 25 consecutive years, the 3rd shift was organized as the Summer Physical and Mathematical School (SPMS) for senior pupils. Every year, over 100 pupils of Nizhny Novgorod and the region, and recently children from other cities and research centers of Russia, take part in the SPMS. Winners of the competitions held at the Summer camp are awarded sightseeing tours to visit famous scientific centers of the country.
Recreation base “Varnavino”
  • Summer recreation base “Varnavino” for 100 people. Annually, up to 500 employees and members of their families have rest in this picturesque nook, rich in nature gifts, on river Vetluga of the Nizhny Novgorod region. It is one of the most popular places of family rest.

  • Kindergarten, situated in a block next to the IAP RAS, is very popular among young employees of the Institute. Currently, there are four groups, each having 25 children.

  • Physical culture and health center. Over 150 IAP RAS employees and members of their families are engaged in more than 10 sections of this center. Every year, the Institute offsets some of the expenses of its employees for the purchase of subscription in fitness centers, swimming pools, and sport sections. Tourists and climbers of the IAP RAS have repeatedly been the first or other prize winners of the regional championship of trekking, annually making up to 10 trips in different regions of Russia.

  • Public catering, trade, and consumer services. The Institute's cafeteria and snack bar are visited daily by over 300 people. The IAP RAS employees are served at the barber.