International relations

The IAP RAS has broad international relations, participating in international scientific and technical programs and projects such as

ITER – “Creation of an international thermonuclear reactor”;
LIGO – “Creation of a laser interferometer for detection of gravity waves”;
CRISTA / MAHRSI – “Systematic measurement of ozone at heights 25–60 km,”
in bilateral intergovernmental projects, in particular,

Russian-American project ATOC (Acoustic Thermometry of Ocean Climate);
Russian-German programs for development of high-power gyrotron and vacuum windows, and in work under collaboration contracts (about 40 annual contracts, including work under grants of scientific foundations such as CRDF, INTAS, INCAS, NATO, International Research Foundation, etc.).

Annually, about 150 employees of the Institute go abroad for international scientific conferences, briefings, and meetings of various committees and societies.

Statistics of international relations