The Russian Science Foundation (RSF) supports research activities at the Institute within 74 projects, or 94 projects with the branches included (2020). According to the RSF, the Federal Research Center is among the leaders in the number of supported projects since 2018: it holds the fourth place among all Russian institutions (after MSU, SPSU, and B. N. Yeltsyn UFU) and is the first among the institutes of the RAS.

At present, the Institute performs about 200 research projects under grants from the Russian Foundation for Basic Research.

Since 2012, IAP RAS has been working on grants from the Government of the Russian Federation for state support of scientific research conducted under the guidance of leading scientists (mega grants). Currently, the project “Quantum effects in highly localized intense laser fields” is underway (leading scientist Gerhard Leuchs, project leader A. V. Andrianov, PhD in phys. & math) and “Electromagnetic environment of the Earth: formation, variability, and impact on the biosphere” (leading scientist Colin Gregory Price, project leader N. V. Ilyin).

Five projects have been completed, but the scientific laboratories created within the projects continue to work:

The following rearchers have grants of the President of the Russian Federation for support of young Russian scientists:

Silaev Alexander Andreevich МК-1849.2020.2 Laser-plasma detection of broadband terahertz and middle infrared radiation
Titchenko Yury Andreevich МК-1130.2020.5 Development of a concept for global remote monitoring of wind-wave environment using small spacecraft
Rumyantsev Vladimir Vladimirovich МК-1430.2020.2 Study of the recombination and energy spectrum of carriers in HgCdTe quantum-dot heterostructures for middle and far infrared optoelectronics
Kandaurov Alexander Andreevich МК-5503.2021.1.5 Study of the impact of small-scale processes on heat exchange between the atmosphere and the ocean in hurricane winds
Fokin Andrey Pavlovich МК-3413.2021.1.2 Development and study of high-power terahertz radiation sources with broadband discrete frequency tuning
Maslennikov Oleg Vladimirovich МК-1001.2021.1.2 Nonlinear dynamic leaning mechanisms for recurrent neural networks
Mironov Sergey Yurievich МД-5027.2021.1.2 Reducing the duration and increasing the temporal contrast of petawatt laser pulses