Physical acoustics and methods of acoustic diagnostics

Intense studies in the field of physical acoustics, including nonlinear acoustics and methods of acoustic diagnostics of various inhomogeneous media, were initiated at the RRI by V. A. Zverev, L. A. Ostrovsky, and their teams and then were successfully continued at the IAP RAS. At present, the activities in this field are focused on the following promising research lines:

  • nonlinear acoustics of structurally inhomogeneous media – study of the acoustic properties of media and artificial materials with inhomogeneous micro- and nanostructures, development of high-sensitivity nonlinear methods of nondestructive control and testing, and creation of materials with controlled mechano-acoustic properties (the so-called smart materials);
  • coherent seismoacoustics – development of the methods and facilities for remote sounding of the earth rock structure and high-resolution monitoring of geodynamic processes by using special sources of seismoacoustic signals with high temporal coherence;
  • acoustic diagnostics of biological tissues – elaboration of the noninvasive methods for diagnostics of inhomogeneities in the structure of biological tissues and development of the novel equipment needed for their implementation;
  • acoustic design of complex engineering structures and systems – physical modeling and diagnostics of the vibroacoustic characteristics of complex mechanical systems and optimization of their design to provide required vibroacoustic parameters;
  • acoustic instrument engineering – development and creation of novel equipment, element base, and software for vibro- and hydroacoustic measurements to perform the IAP RAS R&D and introduce them in various industries.

Experimental and theoretical studies on all these research lines are carried out at the Institute; novel, including unique, facilities are developed and created for experimental works under laboratory and field conditions. Many scientific works in these fields are at the forefront, which is the basis for a successful commercialization of advanced technologies and acoustic diagnostic facilities.