Microwave sources for scientific experiments and industrial engineering

A continuous-wave gyrotron operated at the second cyclotron harmonics with a very high efficiency of 60% at an output power level of 10 kW was created at IAP in 2007 for upgrading of special technological gyrotron complexes. The achieved efficiency is ensured by using single-stage energy recovery and optimizing the distribution of the solenoid magnetic field.

Another important result was creation of a gyrotron with fast (2 kHz) step-wise tuning of the radiation frequency (by about 2%) by varying the magnetic field in the cavity with the help of an additional low-inductivity coil. At a fixed radiation frequency, the gyrotron can ensure a 100% modulation of the microwave power in the case of a varying additional coil. The use of such a gyrotron has great prospects for upgrading of technological processes based on the use of microwaves, e.g., generation of multi-charge ion beams and deposition of polycrystalline diamond from the gaseous phase of the discharge.

Material processing complex with a gyrotron (15 kW/28 GHz) or a tunable gyro-BWO (2,5 kW/24±0.1 GHz) as a radiation source