Shishkina Ol'ga Dmitrievna

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European Geophysical Union Tradeunion of employees of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Most important papers and results

Shishkina, O. D., J. K. Sveen, and J. Grue. 2013. "Transformation of Internal Solitary Waves at the "Deep" and "Shallow" Shelf: Satellite Observations and Laboratory Experiment." Nonlinear Processes in Geophysics 20 (5): 743-757. Shishkina O. D. 2013. "Laboratory Modeling of Mass Transfer During Interaction of Internal Waves and Bottom Profile in the Shelf Zone". Society of Petroleum Engineers - SPE Arctic and Extreme Environments Conference and Exhibition (AEE 2013). 3: 2100 - 2105. Bakhanov V.V., Vlasov S.N., Kazakov V.I., Kemarskaya O.H., Koposova E.B., and O.D. Shishkina. 2003. "Modelling of Internal and Surface Waves of a Real Ocean in the Large Thermostratified Tank of IAP RAS". Radiophysics and Quantum Electronics 46 (7): 486-501. Bertram, V., V. V. Vasil'eva, V. G. Korostelev, L. G. Pisarevskaya, and O. D. Shishkina. 1999. "Field of Internal Waves Generated by an Iceberg in a Pycnocline." Izvestiya - Atmospheric and Ocean Physics 35 (5): 625-633. ———. 2002. "Experimental Investigation of the Generation of Internal Waves by a Vertical Cylinder in a Near-Surface Pycnocline." Fluid Dynamics 37 (6): 931-938. ———. 1996. "Resonant Generation of a Solitary Wave in a Thermocline." Experiments in Fluids 21 (5): 374-379. Vasil'yeva, V. V., L. G. Pisarevskaya, and O. D. Shishkina. 1996. "Generation of Internal Waves by a Drifting Iceberg." Izvestiya - Atmospheric and Ocean Physics 31 (6): 809-817. ———. 1996. "Comparison of the Drag Coefficients of Bodies Moving in Liquids with various Stratification Profiles." Fluid Dynamics 31 (4): 484-489.