Khayrulin Il'yas Ravil'evich

Most important papers and results


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  1. I.R. Khairulin, M.Yu. Emelin, M.Yu. Ryabikin, Generation of ultrashort X-ray bursts without attosecond frequency modulation in Coulomb collisions of nuclei of diatomic heteronuclear molecules ionised by an ultraintense laser pulse, Quantum Electronics 49(4), 330-336 (2019).


  1. I.R. Khairulin, V.A. Antonov, Y.V. Radeonychev, and Olga Kocharovskaya. Ultimate capabilities for compression of the waveform of a recoilless γ -ray photon into a pulse sequence in an optically deep vibrating resonant absorber, Phys. Rev. A 98, 043860 (2018).
  2. I.R. Khairulin, V.A. Antonov, Y.V. Radeonychev, and Olga Kocharovskaya. Transformation of Mössbauer γ -ray photon waveform into short pulses in dual-tone vibrating resonant absorber, J. Phys. B: At. Mol. Opt. Phys. 51, 235601 (8pp) (2018).


  1. V.A. Antonov, I.R. Khairulin, Y.V. Radeonychev, O.A. Kocharovskaya, Compression of the Waveform of a Gamma Photon Into a Train of Short Pulses in an Optically Dense Oscillating Mössbauer Absorber, Radiophys Quantum El 59, 937–946 (2017).