Sources of multi-gigawatt peak power based on the combination of relativistic generators and pulse compressors.

Microwave pulses at the BWO output (black line)
and compressor (red line)

AP proposed and has demonstrated experimentally the concept of using a relativistic generator with a moderate operating voltage and an intrapulse frequency modulation, whose radiation is time-compressed in a passive dispersion system, for the purpose of achieving a multi-GW peak power (V. L. Bratman, G. G. Denisov, N. G. Kolganov,
S. V. Samsonov). The methods of producing intrapulse frequency modulations have been developed, and an original design of a waveguide compressor in the form of waveguide with a helical corrugation of the internal surface has been proposed. 4.5-fold compression of a radiation pulse of a relativistic BWO with an accelerating voltage decreasing during the pulse has been achieved in the 3-cm wavelength band at an output power of 3.2 GW and a pulse duration of 2.2 ns.

Experimental setup for production of multi-GW microwave power by means of compression of frequency-modulated pulses generated by a relativistic BWO with a decreasing accelerating voltage