Scientific directions

More than 200 works on grants of the Russian Foundation for Basic Research are annually carried out at the Institute.

Since 2012, the IAP RAS is working on grants of the Government of the Russian Federation for state support of the scientific research conducted under the supervision of leading scientists (Megagrants). Currently, the following projects are being implemented:
- “Novel approaches to investigation of climate processes and prediction of extreme events” (Leading scientist -  Jürgen Kurths, Project leader - A. M. Feigin, D. Sc. in phys. & math.);
- “Laboratory and numerical investigation of plasma phenomena in extreme astrophysical objects” (Leading scientist - Julien Fuchs, Project leader - M. V. Starodubtsev, D. Sc. in phys. & math.).
- “Quantum effects in confined intense laser light” (Leading scientist - Gerhard Leuchs, Project leader - A. V. Andrianov, Ph. D. in phys. & math.).

 Grants of the Russian Science Foundation support research on more than 40 applications of the Institute research staff.
The grants of the President of the Russian Federation for the support of young Russian scientists are:

Klinshov Vladimir Victorovich


Dynamics of complex pulse-coupled network systems

Matveev Lev Alexandrovich


Development of the principles of microscale mapping of the relaxation properties of biological tissues based on the analysis of the speckle structure dynamics in spectral OCT for monitoring the effectiveness of anticancer therapy

Pikulin Alexander Victorovich


Development of the theoretical foundations of new methods for laser nano- and microstructuring of polymer materials for devising a photonic and plasmon element base for supercomputer systems

Kostin Vasily Alexandrovich


Ionization mechanism for efficient generation of extremely short electromagnetic pulses

Krishtopenko Sergey Sergeevich


Study of phase states in two-dimensional topological insulators based on multilayer semiconductor heterostructures

Nerush Eugeny Nikolaevich


Plasma dynamics under conditions of strong synchrotron radiation loss

Kandaurov Alexander Andreevich


Study of the heat exchange processes in the boundary layers of the atmosphere and the hydrosphere in a wide range of meteorological conditions including extreme ones

Tsvetkov Alexander Igorevich


Development and study of terahertz radiation sources for promising applications of spectroscopy and diagnostics of various media