Physics of atmosphere: electric processes, radiophysical research methods.
Proceedings of meeting on program of fundamental researches of PSB RAS
(N. Novgorod, December 23, 2004).

Program coordinators academician G. S. Golitsyn (Obukhov Institute of Atmosphere Physics, RAS), D. Sc. phys & math E. A. Mareev (IAP RAS).

The present edition is proceedings on program of fundamental researches of the Russian Academy of Sciences Physics of atmosphere: electrical processes, radiophysical research methods held at the Institute of Applied Physics, RAS in Nizhny Novgorod on December 2-3, 2004.

The papers included in the proceedings reflect results of activities on all projects of the program in various aspects of physics (radiophysics, plasma physics, geophysical electro- and aerodynamics). They enable one to carry out coordinated field experiments employing remote-wave technologies, laboratory simulation of complex atmospheric physical phenomena, development of new methods for description of multi-phase dispersion media, theoretical analysis of specific dynamical and photochemical systems in the atmosphere. The methods developed in the program are needed to solve numerous practical problems, including introduction of novel environmental monitoring upgrading of lightning protection systems, elaboration of new energy-consuming technologies, solution of electromagnetic compatibility problems, improvement of long- and short-term prediction methods, etc.